Construction of BEPOS (positive houses) and 100% controlled organic origin houses

RE2020 Standard

Low Carbon Footprint

More than 90% of materials are high quality and come from Spain and France


Our houses are guaranteed ten-year and also damage works

Work Traceability

We build our houses without any subcontracting

Iron framework and Pour concrete

Concrete slab

Bio'Bric House


to quality”

In partnership with the ADEME and the CSTB organizations, we are constantly adapting our constructions to the latest standards in force.

Thus, we always offer our customers the latest improvements to the constructions of our houses. Houses already built can benefit from upgrades if necessary, and at a reduced price.

So your home is up to date on building standards, and thus it obtains a high potential of added value. Spain does not apply any of the thermal regulations.

As soon as they are built, new Spanish houses are already obsolete. We are here to make a difference.

Our constructions are in the process of being certified "Effinergie" and 100% controlled organic origin houses.


Why entrust us your construction project?

As a General construction company, we build only positive houses (BEPOS) according to RE2020 standard. We do not subcontract our constructions.

Our construction deadlines are between 4 and 6 months only !

We have several teams. Each team has a proficiency in its field of activity. A warehouse of 3000 square meters and a storage area of more than 5000 square meters are available to the teams to perform their activities, then they are independent, they know their schedule several months in advance and can meet construction deadlines. 


Ten-year guarantee and damage works included

We guarantee our houses for both a ten-year time and damage works included.

Models designed for everyone!

Each of our models has been studied by our design offices as well as our architects and construction departments in order to guarantee optimal construction and living comfort.

A design office in constant search of improvement

Yes, our teams are constantly looking for improvements to make, both in our construction method and in the interior equipment.

A novelty is introduced at the beginning of each year on all our range.

Let’s build together

We mainly build houses for MAÏNA PROMOTION also part of LORELAÏ GROUP. We also build customized homes for individuals in the Province of Alicante, Spain.

Completed Projects


The companies of the Lorelaï Group

The LORELAÏ GROUP provides all the necessary guarantees for each operation.

Maïna Promotion Promotes the development of various real estate promotion projects.